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Collateral Development: New Consumer Magazine

At Tourism Australia my team partnered with the Australian Traveler to design develop and distribute a new consumer magazine for the North American audience. Click here to learn more.

Partnership Marketing: Co-op Campaign with Delta and Virgin Australia

With this campaign, Verbeck worked with partners Delta and Virgin Australia to build a campaign to convince Americans to stop putting off coming to Australia "Someday." The campaign delivered more than 250 impressions, contributed to Virgin's 38 percent increase in revenue, and saw almost half a million entries.

Immersive Events: Restaurant Australia with Curtis Stone

During Tourism Australia's "Restaurant Australia" campaign, our team worked with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone on immersive events in the USA and Canada in order to showcase the countries amazing food and wine. The campaign resulted in a 21 percent increase in the global perception of Australia having great food and wine.

Media Training & Press Tours: Ministerial Visit

A last-minute schedule change meant we had less than a week to secure New York media coverage for Australia's Minister of Tourism. We worked closely with influencer Michaela Guzy to secure this coverage which was later distributed on other digital platforms. 

Destination Marketing: Travel Channel Broadcast Integration

With this project, we developed an integrated media partnership with The Travel Channel to film and feature Australia in two episodes of their Trip Flip TV Show. The episodes featured three states in Australia as well as footage from Qantas Airways, a co-op partner. Destination awareness increased 33 percent among those who watched the show.  Would you like to learn more about how we can do this for your destination? Let's Chat.

Brand Campaign: Dundee Super Bowl Campaign

With so much noise and clutter in the US media market, Tourism Australia needed something big to cut through. In 2018 we pivoted our approach and launched a $36 million tourism push that highjacked the Super Bowl with a fake Dundee movie trailer that was actually a tourism ad. Watch the Dundee video here. Let's connect to see how Verbeck Consulting can help your business stand out.

Strategic Planning: Covid Comeback

When Covid -19 hit and travel slammed to a halt, we refocused San Luis Obispo County's marketing efforts toward revamping their owned channels. And when travel sentiment started to return, we re-launched paid media with a phased approach. We started with a local campaign, then expanded to the drive markets. During the global pandemic, web traffic actually increased by 9 percent vs. the industry average which was in sharp decline, leads to partners increased by 23 percent, and social followers increased by 25 percent.

Trade Communications: Re-opening Fiji

When it was time to re-open Fiji after nearly two years of being closed to tourism, Tourism Fiji engaged Verbeck Consulting to enhance their trade communications by deploying new CRM capabilities, preparing an annual content calendar, and developing a new cadence for EDMs.

Brand Development: Carlsbad, California

We partnered with 62ABOVE, to create an all-new modern brand for Visit Carlsbad. Verbeck Consulting handed the research and strategy to position the brand as...all good. When you are in Carlsbad, it's All Good. Those two words became the tagline and the heart of the new Carlsbad brand.

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